Here’s to free spirits

Streeties are fascinating. Someone once asked me to describe the attitude of a street dog. Is he friendly with people? Is he cautious of people? There were many questions. I pondered over this for a while and then finally the best way I could describe it was that streeties are “cautiously curious about people and life in general”. They like people. They will approach people. But at the same time, they never let their guard down. They are free spirits and hate being confined. Here is Debolina’s story of Tini, another free spirit.


Tini stayed with us for five days recovering from poisoning. Her only thought was when she could leave and join her sisters whom she watched from our balcony.
Photo Credit: Riju Dutta

Canine Behaviour Counselor , Bangalore Hundeskole 


3 Comments on “Here’s to free spirits”

  1. We at Petboro Pet Resort and Kennels appreciate the effort you guys are doing to bring awareness and help dogs in Bangalore area. The work you are doing is very inspiring.

    We wish you all the best and lots of success!

    Petboro Pet Resort and Kennels
    Whitefield, Bangalore

  2. Riju Dutta says:

    Hi Sindoor, thanks for this piece…Can you please change the name to Riju Dutta..thanks

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