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A long pending post from our archives for new puppy parents.  Put together so nicely by Sonya Balasubramaniam and Ashita Mathew. Thank you lovely ladies  !

Many of you on the group might have already seen it, and for the new members, please read on or download it here : http://bit.ly/1c6SsSw


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You are about to embark on one of life’s most joyous journeys as a pet parent. If you’ve had pets before, you have a fair idea of what to expect. As a first time parent, you’re feeling a whole lot of emotions right now. You’re happy, excited and probably even a little overwhelmed at the prospect of bringing your new puppy home.

This handy guide will help you and your pet start off on the right paw!

What To Expect

Just like human beings, each dog has his or her own individual personality, and will behave differently. Some of them have had traumatic experiences in their little lives already, and entering new surroundings is a big change for your puppy.

You will need to be GENTLE, PATIENT and KIND to help ease your puppy into her new family.
Till your puppy is fully adjusted, it is natural for your puppy to:

  • Be a bundle of nervous energy
  • Be scared
  • Whimper, cry or bawl all day and all night for 1 or 2 days
  • Be depressed

Reassure your puppy that she is safe, and loved. Talk to her in a soothing voice. She will understand the voice. Pet her and give her a cuddle; Try not to leave her alone at any time till she gains confidence.

The most important thing is for you not to panic and remain calm. If you remain calm the puppy too will learn to calm down in a few days.

IMPORTANT: A puppy is a lifetime commitment.
Your puppy is leaving behind it’s own family to live with yours.

She is a living being that might have ups and downs in her life.

Your own life might take unpleasant turns.

She will also grow up to become big dog.

In all situations, families stick together.
Proceed ONLY if you are 100% sure to make a life-long commitment.

If you have any doubts, please do not proceed!

Before The Puppy Arrives

ü  Decide on who will care for the pup. The pup will need constant attention till it is fully toilet trained. The pup will also require 4 meals day for the first few months

ü  Find a part of your house that the puppy can be confined in when left alone. In it’s early days a puppy does not know what it can and cannot play with and may damage valuables left within it’s reach

ü  Create a safe, warm and comfortable sleeping area for the new puppy if possible, in your own bedroom. Puppies, just like babies, will cry if left alone at night

ü  Decide on your budget for the puppy. The costs of keeping a puppy will include food, medical bills, toys, chewies, leash, collar and bowls.

ü  Decide on making a lifetime commitment to your puppy.

When The Puppy Arrives


ü  Make an immediate appointment with your veterinarian to have your puppy undergo a wellness check-up.

ü  Ask your vet about deworming and vaccinations.

ü  Get his advice on the right food for your pup and the feeding schedule based on your budget constraints, time constraints or other constraints and your lifestyle

Bond with your vet as you will need to go back to him frequently. Ensure he learns as much about your pup and you as possible, so that he can give you advice that is best suited for your lifestyle.


ü  Pick food based on your vets advice

ü  If you decide on readymade dog food, buy sufficient food from local pet shop. Refer to our directory for list of pet shops and online shops that sell dog food.

ü  Pick bowls for your pup – at least 2 for food, 2 for water. Ensure that they are cleaned frequently and the water is fresh and clean.

ü  Several human food can be poisonous for dogs. Avoid feeding table scraps to dogs to ensure she won’t end up eating such. This is also a great way to train her not to beg.

ü  Stock up on dog-treats. This can be used for training and can also in to keep her from begging for human food.

Some food should never be fed to dogs as they can even be fatal to dogs. Some have to be fed with extreme caution as they might be dangerous in certain quantities or fed a certain way. A vet should be consulted before feeding these to a dog.

Never Feed

Consult vet before feeding

  • Coffee, tea & other caffeine
  • Grapes, raisins & drinks extracted from them (like wine & grape juice)
  • Chocolate
  • Candy, chewing gum & lipstick (they steal it from handbags & eat it)
  • Fruit seeds/pits contain small quantities of cyanide. Ex: Pips of apple, pearl, plum
  • Sugary food & drunks
  • Alcohol
  • Raw chicken bones
  • Raw eggs & meat
  • Salted food
  • Onions & garlic


Consistency is very important in a dog’s life. Try and create a schedule for feeding, playing/exercise, toileting and grooming right from the start. This will help during obedience and toilet training.


Your puppy’s first few weeks are filled with new sights and sounds, like pressure cooker sounds, children playing etc. Expose her to as many different situations as she might encounter in her life. Reassure her when she is scared. Give her confidence to go explore. The more she is exposed to, the less likely she is to react badly to it when she grows up.

Once your vet gives you the go-ahead, make time to help socialize her with other dogs. This will prove very useful when taking her for walks or to the park

Bathing & Grooming

Dogs don’t sweat. However their fur might collect dust. The Ph of their skin is also different. Due to all of these factors, neither human products nor human methods of cleaning work on dogs.

Dogs should not be washed frequently. Follow the schedule provided by your vet or dog-groomer. Do not use human or baby shampoo or toothpaste. There are pet specific products. Your groomer or vet can advice you on the right product for your dog, based on your budget, your dogs coat type and dogs age.

Invest in a good brush, after consulting a groomer. While dogs cannot be bathed frequently, they can and should be brushed frequently. It has several benefits:

ü  Less fur at home

ü  Reduce lose fur from the dog, thus reducing bad odour

ü  Increased blood circulation to the skin, making the coat shine

ü  Time to bond with your dog. Most dogs calm down while brushing and cherish your love and touch. Talk about your day to your day and see observe how he learns to read your mood and respond to it.

Your puppy also will need regular cleaning of the ears. Earwax causes irritation. Your puppy might need nails clipped carefully. Dogs nails have veins in nails and bleed if not clipped carefully. Contrary to popular belief, dogs will also need teeth brushed with special, non-toxic dog-toothpaste & anal sack cleaning. A professional groomer or your vet can help you with all of these.

Other Dos & Don’ts

More Questions

We have listed a several frequently asked questions below. If you have more questions, your vet is a good person to ask. You should also feel free to contact the person who gave you your puppy. There are several resources on the internet that you will find useful. You could also reach out to other dog owners to help you who are part of Bombat Dawgz.

10 Frequently Asked Questions

1. My pup is crying a lot. Is something wrong?

Unlikely! Your puppy is just scared. It is very normal as she has left behind what is familiar and is in a new environment. Give her a lot of love. Feed her some good food. Sit on the floor and throw a small ball for her to play with. Distract her. If there was something bothering her, a visit to the vet will sort it out. Once your vet says she is ok, sit back and relax. Give her a little time. She is just a baby. She will be fine in a few days.

2. I take her on walks. She still urinates/defecates in my house. Is this normal?

Yes. This is normal. A puppy does not have a concept of inside & outside a house. They also have very little bladder control, like a baby in a diaper and will need to go to the toilet as soon as they wake up and as soon as they eat. You will have to teach her toilet manners. Observe when she goes to the toilet. This will help in training her. But don’t worry, it is possible to train her in due time. And once she learns, she will be very disciplined about following the rules you put down for her. Dogs really like to please their masters.

3. Is she vaccinated?

If you receive a puppy profile during adoption, that will give you details on vaccination and deworming. If you do not receive the profile, please ensure you gather this information from the person who gave you the puppy, before your first visit to the vet. This is important information for you to carry to the vet.

4. There are many stray dogs near my house. Where should I take her for a walk?

Consult your vet on when you can take your dog out for a walk. It is not advisable to expose your puppy to other dogs, especially street dogs, before your puppy is adequately vaccinated. Find an isolated patch of grass or mud for her to use as her toilet and carry her to that spot if required. Try not to put her down before reaching that spot. In due time, your puppy and the street dogs might learn to accept each other. But do not allow contact at an early stage.

5. What veterinarian should I take her to?

Pick a veterinarian close to your house. Given the traffic situation, a vet close by will be useful in case of emergencies. If you do not get a directory of veterinarians as part of this handout, quickly identify a close by vet, either by asking other neighbouring dog-owners or looking at the yellow pages.

6. Can you recommend what I should feed her?

This is best recommended by the vet, after examining your puppy and assessing your own situation and constraints. There are several different brands of dog food available in pet shops at different budgets, containing different ingredients. They are also several people who deliver home made food. You have a wide range to choose from. Your vet will be your best ally in selecting the food for your dog.

7. When can I keep her outside the house?

It is not advisable to keep the puppy outside the house. Dogs are highly social creatures and yearn for company all the time. Keeping them outside causes severe emotional trauma. However if you are keen on doing this, consult your vet on when your puppy will be ready.

8. My puppy is biting. Is she aggressive?

No. Your puppy is not aggressive. Puppies use their mouth like humans use their hands. They use their mouth to grasp things and play. But they are still learning how much pressure causes pain to other dogs and to humans. When they are biting, they are just trying to play with you. You can teach your puppy that it hurts you by making a high pitched yelping sound (like dogs do when in pain) and end the play session. Soon they will learn bite control.

9. How do I toilet train my puppy?

Your puppy is naturally inclined to pick a porous area, away from its bed (like lawn, mud or carpet) to pee on. It is likely to go to the toilet after each meal and after waking up. We can use these natural tendencies to train the puppy.

As soon as your puppy wakes up or finishes each meal, take her and some tasty treats to the designated areas and wait. Have patience, take a book or something to keep you entertained and wait! Be prepared to wait for a long time in the beginning. As soon as your puppy does what is expected of her, praise her profusely in a very excited tone and reward with her favorite treats. You can also run around a little and engage her in a short game that she loves. Basically make her feel extremely happy for having done such a good job.

But remember accidents will happen. If you catch her in the act, make a loud distracting noise that will stop her and carry her to her designated spot. If the accident happened when you were not watching, there is NOTHING you can do. Quietly clean it up and spray vinegar on it. Dogs can smell their own pee and are likely to pick the same spot again. Vinegar helps remove the odour. Do NOT punish your puppy, stuff her nose in it, or yell at her. She will not understand what is happening.

A puppy is eager to please you and if you continue to praise her and treat her when she goes to the toilet in the designated spot and refuse to react when she does it elsewhere, in her eagerness to please you, she will try her best to go to the toilet only where you want her to go. Once she understands what you are expecting of her, she will always strive to please you.

10. Does my puppy need any other training?

This is entirely up to you. It is usually a good idea to train the puppy to walk on a leash, not to bite and to obey simple commands like Sit, Down, Stay. You could use a professional trainer or do it on your own. There is plenty of information available on the internet and in book stores to help you decide what is right for your dog. Training your puppy can be a rewarding experience as it helps bond with your puppy. However if you are unable to keep the sessions fun and it is causing stress either to you or your puppy then it is best to avoid training or use professional help


Directory of Useful Services


Malleshwaram Dr. Shivprakash: Westend Clinic, 23461295 / 9845031295
Indiranagar Dr. Ramesh , Dr. Pawan, Dr. Ajitesh:Cessna LifeLine- www.cessnalifeline.com, 91-080-2528-9817
HSR Dr. Ansar Kamran: 080 25726989 (clinic) / +91 98451 16616
Koramangala Dr Nanjundappa:  Vm+(91)-80-66366410  (does house visit)No.15 Nr Kabab Magic Restaurant, 1st Mn,1st Blk, Koramangala, Cartman – 98451 98781, 25530121, 25530304
Whitefield Dr. Lohit : 9845358602 http://www.bangalorepethospital.com/
Yelahanka Dr. Azeem,  Neha Pet Clinic – +91 98441 03321 Assists in air transportations and pet imports along with all paper work (BIAL). Does house visits.
Sahakarnagar / R.T. Nagar Suke Pet Clinic: Contact: Sujaya – +91 98451 93057 Dr Basvanna gowda:  9844025928
J.P. Nagar Dr. Pampapathy080 26653555, Mob: +919740066081 Advisable to take a prior appointment. 
Banashankari Dr.Srikant: Mob:9844057919, Prakruthi Veterinary Hospital
Other Dr Michael Morton (does house visit)- 9243453440
Trauma Service VoSD:  http://vet.strays.in/, 9880119900 (Service in limited areas only)

Pet Shops

  • Glenands Pet Shop: 475, 1st A Cross, 5th Block, KHB Colony, Koramangala . Ph: 080 4092 7524
  • Shevar Groomers & Pet Shop– #832, 12th main, 4 block, Koramangala. Ph: 9880176610
Bridage Road
  • Paws the pet store –  No. 10, K 2nd Street, Markham road, Ashoknagar. Ph: 4131 7297
Church Street
  • Glenands Pet Shop: 35 Church Gate, Church Street, beside Empire Hotel. Ph: 9845001449
  • Glenands: 1, 17th ‘F’ Cross, Indiranagar 2nd Stage, Ph:09845001449
  • Cessna Lifeline (Pet shop attached to clinic)
Online Shopping


  • Wags n Wiggles Grooming: Ph: 9845440541
  • Shevar Grooming – (Same address as pet shop)
  • Fuzzy Wuzzy Grooming- CMH Road. Ph: 98440 58080
  • Muddy Paws  Grooming– Shobana 9886165226
R.T. Nagar
  • Wags n Whiskers Grooming: Patel’s Inn, Ph: 9845964087

A carnival like no other

by Chinthana Gopinath

It was a baking frenzy for the two days leading up to the Carnival that was going to be held at Jaaga I would definitely be taking the Chicken Liver Cookies, a favourite even among the fussiest of my customers, and the soft Honey Oatmeal Cookies, made specially for my toothless, aging customers that hold such a special place in my heart. The Carnival would also be the perfect place to introduce my special new recipe – Sweet Potato Bites. Keeping in mind that it was going to be an all day fare and that there would definitely be a few hungry customers around lunchtime and a few parents too tired to prepare dinner afterwards, I carried along my Mini Meatloaves as well.

I woke up early on the day of the carnival to bake the special Chicken & Carrot Cake that I was making for the unique fundraiser. After baking it to a lovely golden brown, I decorated the cake with fun doggy-themed cookies – a happy looking dog, a fire hydrant, a home, some bones, a couple of stars and hearts – because I consider my customers as stars and I love them so. Yes, I really do! If you had customers like mine, you would too.

The day looked nice & sunny despite the rains of the previous night. The stalls were set up along with a puppy pen that would hold little puppies. My stall was right opposite the puppy pen and their silly games kept me occupied. My customers started trickling in. Sitting pretty in front of my stall, inspecting my basket full of goodies, leaning on my table asking for some of my baked goodies, some asking politely, some demanding and some even begging. My little one, Calvin also came by along with the rest of my family. He sat with his usual dopey, doleful expression making people think that he was up for adoption!! I would like to let you all know that he is very well treated at home, contrary to what his expression said that day.

Anabel wandered about the place much like a socialite would at a Page 3 party. Every 15 minutes, she would plonk herself in front of my stall asking for a baked goodie. When I stopped giving her cookies at her mother’s request, poor Anabel had to resort to begging from the puppies in the puppy pen. Yes, I do get customers of all kinds. She was later found at the Courtyard Cafe at Jaaga begging from random strangers too. Her embarrassed parents do not want their names revealed but would also like to let everybody know that Anabel is well fed at home.

And in case you are wondering what kind of customers I have, let me tell you that my customers are the gourmet dogs of Bangalore. They are as important to me as any human I have met in my life. Calvin might be furry and walk on all fours, but he is still very much a part of my family. Whether it is a pet carnival or a human carnival, I still put the same amount of love into my preparations and I was not alone. I saw that this was the case with pretty much everyone at the Pet Carnival & Puppy Adoption Drive at Jaaga that was held on the 31st of December, 2012.

Debadrita Jadav (Debbie), the star behind the Precious Paws Foundation (PPF) is an extraordinary woman because of her exceptional love for dogs. She works tirelessly to ensure that our desi dogs have a chance at living a life in a home rather than fighting for survival on the streets. She has built a network of people who foster little desi pups, cater to their nutrition & health, teach them to be around people & other dogs, build their confidence and then put them up for adoption. PPF regularly has puppy adoption camps where foster parents bring their little puppies in the hope of finding them that one family that will give them the love & home that they deserve. I find Debbie very inspirational because looking at her makes me feel like one person CAN make a difference, one tiny puppy at a time. We all just need to start somewhere.

It was Debbie’s idea on having an adoption camp that after a session of brainstorming, eventually grew and took shape in the form of a fun, all-day carnival – A day where people could not only come in to adopt little puppies but also where pet parents could come in to have a fun day out with their doggies. The idea slowly started taking on a life of its own. Many of us who are members of the group swung into action. How could we help? How could we contribute to make this a fun day for the doggies? Yes, this was in essence going to remain an adoption camp but the carnival angle would help us generate some additional funds for PPF as well as give us an opportunity to spread awareness about the benefits of adopting versus buying a dog. Soon, posters were designed and shared with much enthusiasm on social platforms like Facebook and we started generating tremendous interest about the Pet Carnival and Adoption Camp.

Swaty Chandel of Wooflicious volunteered to put up a stall selling collars, t-shirts, shampoos & other doggy accessories while I volunteered to put up a Pupcake stall selling homemade doggy treats & cookies. Saarus Nirhali said that she could sell some cool doggy-inspired painted stained glass goodies. Ideas were generated on how to help raise some funds for PPF as Debbie is planning to build a little shelter for fostering puppies. An entry fee of Rs. 50 per doggy & per human would be collected. PPF would sell merchandize to raise funds. Woofilicious would have a lucky dip where one could pay Rs. 50 and stand a chance to win a gift voucher for Rs. 500 to shop online. Rithika Gupta & Siddharth Krish of Huckleberry (a lovely dog-friendly restaurant) would give out a gift voucher for Rs. 500. On behalf of Pupcake I would be baking a  unique, doggy cake. People had to pay Rs. 50 to guess the weight of the cake and the closest guess to the actual weight of the cake would get to take it home.

Several stalls offering interesting off-beat items for pet parents and dog lovers

Several stalls offering interesting off-beat items for pet parents and dog lovers

I arrived on the scene early only to find that there were some prospective adopters that were there even before the puppies arrived, so eager were they to find their perfect little companions. Within a couple of hours, Jaaga was abuzz with activity!!

Puppies playing in the pen watched over by their loving foster parents; Doggies barking loudly with excitement; Humans calling after their dogs to please behave themselves; People recognizing the doggies from Bombat Dawgz even before recognizing the humans; Humans shopping for their doggies… what more could one ask for? Many people, without a doggy in tow, had come by, just like that, to indulge in some puppy love.

There were some young children at the carnival that really warmed my heart.

They had adopted desi dogs and had come by to talk to prospective adopters about the advantages of adopting a desi. They spoke with such conviction and love that a lovely little puppy called Peaches definitely found her forever family that day thanks to these children. A group of girls were even seen making a video of the event and interviewing families that had adopted dogs all in a bid to increase awareness about adopting a dog versus buying one. I wish more parents & schools would make a deliberate effort to sensitize children towards the plight of animals, make them learn that we have to be the voice of those creatures that don’t speak a language that we understand. It is as important to save the tiger in the wild as it is to save a doggy on the street. Living harmoniously with all these creatures make us human, not exterminating them and claiming sole right to this planet.

Tanya, the guardian angel of the dogs who spreads the message of adoption among her friends

Tanya, the guardian angel of the dogs who spreads the message of adoption among her friends

What a day well spent it was!! We all got to interact with many dogs & humans who we knew so far only by name. We got to meet large hearted, dedicated foster parents that loved each of their little puppies to bits. Most important of all, five little puppies found their fur-ever homes. It was truly a bombat first effort by our team at Bombat Dawgz.

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